All the following events offer professional materials, supervision, and teaching. Prices are excluding moms.


Duration: 2 hours
Equipment: Microphone, Computer and recycled furniture provided

Film is a series of moving pictures, but we often forget that the sound is just as important as the picture. Do you know how rain and fire sounds like plastic? In group, after some demonstrations and practices you will learn the secrets of Sound Effects and discover how movies are created behind the scenes. Design the sound of a film sequence with recycled materials!

Foley’s Event – Studio Cinemagic


Duration: 4 hours
Equipment: Stop Motion equipment, Camera, Computer, Paper Craft, FX, Chroma Key

Collaboration & Creativity Event! Stop motion is a filming technique in which successive positions of multiple kind of objects are photographed to produce the appearance of movement. Collaborating on a stop motion short film makes your colleagues approach constraints differently; they have to deal with cinematographic notions such as story pace, picture frames and most importantly, they have to agree within a short time slot.

Stop Motion produced for the French Alliance of Vancouver, Canada – Studio Cinemagic

STOP MOTION & SOUND EFFECTS – 750 dk / person

Duration: 5 hours
Equipment: Stop Motion equipment, Camera, Computer, Paper Craft, FX, Chroma Key, Microphone, Computer and recycled furniture provided

Innovative and unique experience, this is an excellent creativity activity for your team! Make a short film using two specific audiovisual techniques: Stop motion and Sound Effects! Produce an authentic rendering of the film that your team will not forget! Be at the heart of the action, by being an operators, an animators, a Foley and a spectator! On top of that, they will add a sound effect track over their video. They will have to explore, agree, and record sounds from recycled materials.


Duration: 2 hours
Equipment: filming equipment provided

Encourage your staff to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to use creativity at work. Have you ever dreamt of being in Matrix and talking backwards? Inspired by a film technique used by Michel Gondry, and in the short film “Je suis à l’endroit” by Florence Fauquet and Emilie de Monsabert; your movements, your words will appear right side up although everything will be filmed upside down!

“Je suis à l’endroit” – Florence Fauquet and Emilie de Monsabert


Duration: 2 hours
Equipment: Phonotrope, Camera Set, Video Projector, Phonotrop Paper Disc

Create & Give Life to your animation draw! Learn how to create an animation with the Phonotrope! Using the live-action camera to ‘parse’ or interpret the animation. It is a contemporary reworking of the Zoetrope, one of several pre-film (19th century) animation devices that produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion.

Phonotrope – Studio Cinemagic


Duration: 2 hours
Equipment: Magic Lantern making kits provided, Filmming

Unique, Authentic and Magic! Grab your colleagues to build their own Magic Lantern projecting pictures like in the 17th century! It is the ancestor of the video projector and actually the first picture projection device! A fun way to get together and make art!

Magic Lantern – Studio Cinemagic


Duration: 2 hours
Equipment: Pinhole Camera making kits provided

Change the perspective of reality to your team with building an ancient analog intrument! As the staff at Fuwari Lab , a Japanese creation company based in Tokyo, are well aware, it only takes a few things to alter our vision of the outside world. You can see your surroundings as if you were inside a real camera obscura by looking through a small hole and a cardboard case. So much fun and such a nice (re)discovery!

Pinhole Camera – Fuwari Lab