Let’s get creative and explore the Cinema Universe!

The Educational Programs are taylor- made: depending on your requirements, duration, theme, etc. can be adjusted in your convenience.

Studio Cinemagic offers you theoretical, historical and practical workshops in an interactive modules. We promises a thoroughly exceptional and expert experience, and we devote careful attention to every detail.

Our unique creative programs develop participants’ potential, social and emotional skills in a fun way! Workshops draw their inspiration from all the specifics of Cinema: its history, its specific language and all the different techniques!

We are using two specific cinematographic techniques:

Discover the origins of cinema with the optical devices through science, history and technique! Observe and manipulate them to understand how they work! You will be surprised to see these images come to life using ancient techniques. The students will be more familiar with the ancient and modern techniques of frame by frame animation. You will create your own device or animated film with the optical illusion object of your choice. The result is instantaneous and magical!

Collaborating on a stop motion short film makes the students approach constraints differently; they have to deal with cinematographic notions such as story pace, picture frames and most importantly, they have to agree within a short time slot.

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